Post Haiti – Pre Nicaragua

So I’m sitting in my hotel bedroom in Fort Lauderdale following a 10 day stint in Haiti and I can’t believe I’ve got a dodgy stomach after eating at a nearby McDonalds.  I had no such problems whatsoever during my time in Haiti and yet I arrive in the States and it hits me!  I’m not upto going out and enjoying the sun so I thought I’d post a short blog whilst I have access to the net.

It’s difficult to find words to express how I felt about my time in Haiti and I probably need to let my experiences percolate a little. The one thing I will say is that the people in that country are hurting badly, physically and psychologically.  Even though my role there was to take photos I like to take time to speak to people first, to hear their stories and learn about their lives.  This was probably the most difficult aspect of the assignment and to be honest, I wasn’t really prepared for what I heard.  Prior to going my understanding was that most people had access to food, water and basic shelter but in many of the places I visited, this simply wasn’t the case.  Aid organisations are doing their best to get these basic necessities to the people who need it but the scale of the problem is overwhelming.

It was a privilege to work with Outreach International during this trip and to see the work they are involved in.  Many of the schools have been badly damaged and some have collapsed entirely, the process of rebuilding lives and schools will be a long one but they have the expertise needed to make sure it happens.

It’s only right that my client sees the photos first so it may be a short while before I manage to get any images on the blog, but I assure you I’ll post them as soon as I can.

The picture above is a sneak preview and is a typical scene from Port-au-Prince.

Hopefully, I’ll recover soon from the upset stomach and be ready for my next assignment in Nicaragua.

Bye for now.

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