Real Lives

I wanted to give you a heads-up on a series of posts I’m planning on releasing in the near future – Real Lives. When travelling around photographing people on behalf of aid organisations and NGO’s I have the privilege of meeting some extraordinary people and I love to sit and hear their stories, finding out about their lives and their culture. My work tends to take me to impoverished communities where families are struggling with difficult circumstances, many of which appear to be out of their control. These are very real situations and they have very real lives, they’ve become real to me because for a short period of time they have let me into their world and I have let them into mine.  I want the Real Lives posts to focus on the people, not on my photographic work.  In fact, many of the images I use within these posts probably won’t be my best or most creative work and could quite simply be snap-shots taken whilst walking to a location. To me, that doesn’t matter, the articles are about the person or family, not about Wayne Rowe; my shots are there to help give you a feel of who they are and the environment they are living in.

The articles will probably mention the aid organisation involved in that particular situation and although this isn’t meant to be a campaign for them I can’t help but give them credit for what they are doing to help improve these people’s lives. I’m often asked how I cope with being in contact with so much poverty and I always tell them it’s because I see hope. That hope comes from the work the aid organisations are providing through working in those communities and is often evident within the faces of those I meet.

My first Real Lives post should be released next week so you may want to use the subscribe by email function at the bottom of the page to be notified of any posts.

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