Real Lives – Don Esteban

I’ve decided to try out a new format for sharing this Real Lives story post.  You simply click on the first of the thumbnail pictures below and this will bring up a larger version of the photo, after that you use the arrow icons to move to the next photo and caption.  Bolivia was a beautiful place and the people of Jatun Pampa were truly inspiring, here’s Don Esteban’s story.


Photos by Wayne Rowe / Visioning Images

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  • Wayne Rowe 5th July 2010  

    Thanks for your kind comments Viv.

  • Viv Betts 5th July 2010  

    It is great to see your pictures but now to have a description of what they really mean and the difference Outreach International is making, make giving to this charity seem more worthwhile.

  • Simon Holmes 6th July 2010  

    Love the new format, Wayne. It makes such a difference to read the story with the pictures. Keep it up! Hope you’re well, btw. Haven’t seen you for ages, it seems.

  • Wayne Rowe 7th July 2010  

    Thanks Simon, hope we can catch up soon!

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