Africa Assignment – Humanitarian Photography

I’ve just spent the last few months at home here in the UK concentrating on wedding photography and I’ve had a great time being a part of several couple’s big day.  It’s definitely different to my humanitarian work and it has its own challenges but it’s been an incredible few months and its also meant that I’ve been able to spend some real quality time with my family.

But that’s over for this year and I’m heading off in a couple of weeks to Malawi and Zambia, to be honest even though I’ve loved doing the wedding work I’m itching to get out there and do some work for Outreach International.  So, the trip consists of a week in Malawi followed by a few days in Zambia before heading back home.


I also have a mini announcement to make which I’m really excited about. Within the last few weeks I’ve been given a contract by Outreach International to serve them on a part-time basis over the next year as photographer and media consultant. They’re an amazing organisation that has a unique way of tackling issues of poverty in the countries they work and it’s a  privilege  for me to be a part of that work. If you check out their website you’ll see some of my images being used and read about the lives that are being changed and their fantastic achievements within many communities.

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  • Giordano 28th September 2010  

    Great to hear that Wayne!

    The open spaces suit you better than churches’ interiors 🙂
    Looking forward to your next photo reportage… and I hope to catch up with you in Haiti at some point.

    Good luck with your iMac too 🙂 What are you using for HD video? Canon 5D?

    Take care

  • Wayne Rowe 28th September 2010  

    Really good to hear from you Giordano and thanks for all your tweets on Haiti, they really help to keep me updated with what’s happening over there. I’m just booking my flights for the next trip to PAP, looks like I’ll be there Mid November, it’d be great to meet up if possible.

    Re the HD video, I’m using the Canon 7D, extremely pleased with its capabilities.

    Take care.


  • Viv Betts 13th October 2010  

    Good to hear about your contract with Outreach, you are an asset to them. Your work is important and helps us to understand the situation and also the work that is being done. Hope the trip to Africa goes well. Look forward to seeing the pictures on your return.

  • Wayne Rowe 13th October 2010  

    Thanks Viv, your support is always appreciated.

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