Non-profit Communications Awards – Outreach International

I’ve recently returned from an assignment in Guatemala for Outreach International, I’ll post more on this at a later date, but I wanted to share some news which I received yesterday. Outreach International has a small communications and marketing team which works tirelessly to produce materials to inform its donors of the work they are involved in around the world. Back in my corporate days I worked alongside businesses who had marketing budgets dwarfing that of Outreach International, yet the quality of publications from this relatively small non-profit organisation easily matches and often exceeds the big guys. Yesterday, they received no less than 5 awards at the Philly Awards for their excellence in non-profit communication.  Two awards were given for their gift catalogue as best fundraising and best marketing campaigns.  A further 1st place award was given to the My Story campaign for best informational material.  They received a 2nd place award for the annual report and finally they were awarded Best of Show to top it all off.  There were over 185 entries to the competition, some very large charities submitted their work so these awards are certainly something to be proud of.

I’m so pleased for the team at Outreach International as I know how hard they work to increase donor giving. It’s also nice for me as a photographer to see my images being used prominently in these publications but ultimately the magazines, articles, reports and photographs are there to highlight the fantastic work which is being done in the field. The publications in themselves mean very little to the thousands of people Outreach International are helping day-in, day-out around the world, but without these marketing efforts the funds cannot be generated to provide the amazing, life-changing work in some of the world’s poorest communities.

I offer my personal congratulations to all at Outreach International for their efforts and I look forward to working with them in the future.



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  • Andy 20th October 2011  

    Thanks Wayne

    we all appreciate your dedication and amazing work to bring about a better world.


  • Ami 21st October 2011  


  • Brenda Mitchell 21st October 2011  

    Thank you to the team (headed by my favorite youngest nephew)for all of your hard work and to you, Wayne, for giving of your time and for writing such an erudite (don’t you just love that word?) report. Guess I’m going to have get the checkbook out…..

  • Matea Michelangeli 21st October 2011  

    Congrats Wayne! Can’t wait to see the images…

  • Vivian Betts 22nd October 2011  

    What a great write up. They all need congratulating but it’s your pictures that make both the magazine and my stories that extra bit special. Looking forward to seeing the calendars too.

    Well done all the staff at Outreach.

  • Wayne Rowe 22nd October 2011  

    Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, it really is a privilege to be able to work with such a great organisation.

    Thanks again.


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