Faces of Nicaragua

Continuing with the ‘Faces of….‘ posts, here’s a small selection of shots from my recent assignment in Nicaragua.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, one of the joys of working as a humanitarian photographer is the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people.  The Nicaraguans I met were happy to allow me into their homes and share of their stories and experiences. I’m sure some of those stories will make it onto my blog later.

I’ll also be posting ‘Faces of Haiti’ soon.


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Faces of the Philippines

I’ve just returned back home this week from my trip to the Philippines, feeling a little tired and jet lagged but still buzzing from the experience I had over there.  Photographically, I think I captured the shots I was assigned to do from Outreach International, but it was great to be able to capture the Filipino people as I crafted some of my own images.  From a humanitarian point of view, I learnt a lot and I bow down in admiration for the workOutreach International are doing out there, the Philippine OI staff are true heroes – check out some of their work here.

Over the next few weeks I’ll post more images of the Philippines but here’s a start.   On the whole, the Filipino people are happy and extremely resilient even as they have to face extremely difficult circumstances day in day out.  There were some amazing characters – here’s a selection.

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