At the end of last year I headed out to India on behalf of Outreach International and World Hunger, a country that has been high up on my ‘must go to’ list for quite a while. I wasn’t disappointed. Although the culture is in many ways very different to my own, there was still something familiar about the place and the people. I put it down to the regretful colonial influence we British had on this amazing country.

I visited various projects in the Orissa area (East India), here are a handful of photos from the trip.

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My Gear

I’m currently in the process of getting ready to travel to the Philippines on my first assignment in 2012. I wouldn’t normally submit a post like this but there are photographers out there who are interested in the gear you take when travelling abroad. So here’s a list of my main equipment, of course there’s also an array of cables and power units which goes along with this gear. The equipment I take on each trip is forever evolving, some items I find I can do away with whilst other kit may find its way into my bag.  I’m always trying to keep within the airlines weight limit which varies from airline to airline but I usually get it about right.


  1. Macbook Pro 15″
  2. NatGeo Walkabout Back Pack
  3. Benro C1180T Carbon Fibre Traveller Tripod
  4. Thinktank Holsters, Harness and Belt System
  5. Manfrotto MH055M8 Q5 Magnesium Photo Video Head
  6. LCDVF LCD View Finder
  7. Canon 7D
  8. Canon 5D Mk2
  9. Canon 50mm f1.2 L
  10. Canon 24-70 f2.8 L
  11. Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS L
  12. Light Craft Workshop ND Fader
  13. Zoom H4N Audio Recorder
  14. PocketWizard MiniTT1 & FlexTT5
  15. Spare batteries & chargers
  16. Canon 580 EX2 Flash
  17. Fujifilm X100 Camera
  18. Polaroid Pogo Printer
  19. Thinktank CF Card Wallet + various CF Cards
  20. Sennheiser Wireless Transmitter & Receiver + Lapel Mic
  21. Iomega Ext. Hard Drive
  22. Lens Pen
  23. Firewire 800 CF Card Reader

Of course, on top of all this is my general travelling kit but that may be for another post further down the line.