Faces of Haiti

This ‘Faces of‘ post features some images from my recent Haiti assignment.  I was asked by Outreach International to accompany an assessment team of specialists from the organisation to acquire images which reflected the situation on the ground as we found it.  As usual, I spent quite a lot of time talking to people about their circumstances and how they are dealing with the recent disaster.  To be honest it was hard to hear their stories and to witness the chaos surrounding them right now.  Haiti isn’t on the media radar any more, the reporters have  moved on to other stories but the problem hasn’t gone away for hundreds of thousands of Haitians who are trying to rebuild their lives.

Something I find incredible about all the places I’ve visited so far is that you will often find smiles on faces even amidst such poverty. A couple of the shots I’ve posted below convey some of the sadness which individuals are experiencing but the majority show the hope which still abounds even in such dire situations.  Many of the people I met in Haiti had a courage and resolve I could only dream of and I can only hope that my images will motivate others to respond with a similar resolve to address their needs.

All images by Wayne Rowe/Visioning Images

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Faces of Nicaragua

Continuing with the ‘Faces of….‘ posts, here’s a small selection of shots from my recent assignment in Nicaragua.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, one of the joys of working as a humanitarian photographer is the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people.  The Nicaraguans I met were happy to allow me into their homes and share of their stories and experiences. I’m sure some of those stories will make it onto my blog later.

I’ll also be posting ‘Faces of Haiti’ soon.


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